A brief account of charlestown south carolina


A brief account of charlestown south carolina

Founding and initial growth[ edit ] The hanging of pirate Stede Bonnet in Charleston, Restored to the throne following Oliver Cromwell 's ProtectorateKing Charles II granted the chartered Carolina territory to eight of his loyal friends, known as the Lords Proprietorsin It took seven years before the Lords could arrange for settlement, the first being that of "Charles Town," the original name for the city.

The community was established in by English colonists from Bermudaunder the first Governor of South CarolinaWilliam Sayleon the west bank of the Ashley River a few miles northwest of the present city. It was soon designated by Anthony Ashley Cooperleader of the Lords Proprietor, to become a "great port towne", a destiny which the city fulfilled.

Bythe settlement had grown, joined by settlers from EnglandBarbadosand Virginia ; and it was moved to the current peninsular location. As the capital of the Carolina colonyCharles Town was a base for colonial expansion and was the southernmost point of English settlement during the late 17th century.

The settlement was often subject to attack from sea and from land. Countries such as Spain and France that still contested England 's claim to the region launched periodic assaults along with combined resistance from Native Americans and pirate raids.

An example of an assault is the failed expedition during Queen Anne's War. Charleston's colonists erected a fortification wall around the small settlement to aid in its defense.

Two buildings remain from the Walled City: Over time, it became known as the Four Corners of the Law, referring to the various arms of governmental and religious law presiding over the square and the growing city. His pirates plundered merchant ships and seized the passengers and crew of the Crowley while demanding a chest of medicine from Governor Robert Johnson.

Receiving it, they released their nearly naked hostages and sailed up the coast for North Carolina. Philips Episcopal Church, Charleston's oldest and most noted church, was built on the southeast corner in The following year, the capitol of the colony was erected across the square.

Because of its prominent position within the city and its elegant architecture, the building signaled to Charleston's citizens and visitors its importance within the British colonies.

Provincial court met on the ground floor while the Commons House of Assembly and the Royal Governor's Council Chamber met on the second floor.

ByCharleston had become a bustling trade center, the hub of the Atlantic trade for the southern colonies, and the wealthiest and largest city south of Philadelphia. Byit was the fourth largest port in the colonies, after only Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, with a population of 11, slightly more than half of that slaves.

Cottonrice and indigo were successfully cultivated by Gullah people who survived the Middle Passage as enslaved planters. They were captured from the Congo-Angola border and rice -producing regions of West Africalike the "Rice Coast," the "Windward Coast," the "Gambia," and "Sierra-Leon", and forced to work in the surrounding coastal low-country.

Cotton, rice, indigo and naval stores were exported in an extremely profitable shipping industry. It was the cultural and economic center of the South. On Monday, May 4,a large tornado temporarily emptied the Ashley River and sank five warships lying offshore.

A brief account of charlestown south carolina

Philip's Episcopal Church While the earliest settlers primarily came from England, colonial Charleston was also home to a mixture of ethnic and religious groups. In colonial times, Boston, Massachusettsand Charleston were sister cities, and people of means spent summers in Boston and winters in Charleston.

A brief account of the deluded Dutartres (eBook, ) [ph-vs.com]

There was a great deal of trade with Bermuda and the Caribbeanand some people came to live in Charleston from these areas.He behaved with a good deal of Calmness and Composure at the Gallows; told the Audience, that he had left his Confession in the Hands of the Sub-Sheriff; confess'd the Justness of his Sentence; begg'd the Prayers of all good People and ended with the following Prayer.

Charleston is a city in Berkeley and Charleston counties in the U.S.

A brief account of charlestown south carolina

state of South ph-vs.com is the biggest city and is the county seat of Charleston County. As of , the urban population is about , Charleston was the capital of South Carolina until when Columbia became capital.

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A brief account of the deluded Dutartres. [Alexander Garden] extracted from a sermom [sic], preached by the Rev. Mr. Alexander Garden, A.M., at Charlestown, in South-Carolina.

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May 02,  · John O’Leary, a defense lawyer in Columbia, the South Carolina capital, who is a former director of the state’s Criminal Justice Academy, said it made sense that Mr.

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