Action plan of airasia

Introduction of the product Name of the company: Air Asia pioneered low cost travelling in Asia.

Action plan of airasia

AirAsia was established in year AirAsia continues to spread out the way for low-cost aviation through the innovation, efficient and passionate approach to business with a route a network that extent through over 20 countries.

In addition, for the vision part in AirAsia, AirAsia aims to be the largest low cost airline in Asia and serving the 3 billion people who are currently underserved with poor connectivity and high fares.

While for the mission of AirAsia, AirAsia wants to be the best airline company to work whereby employees are treated as part of the big family. Besides, AirAsia try to maintain the lowest cost hence everyone can fly with AirAsia.

Highest quality product, embracing technology to lower the cost and improvement in service levels will be maintained by the AirAsia airline also.

In the values part, AirAsia will implement trough the following key strategies which are: Members can enjoy the preference booking, special offers and discount as an AirAsia BIG dedication member in term and condition apply.

BusinessDictionary, In the political part, AirAsia found that it is difficult to fly outside the Malaysia.

Action plan of airasia

Double-sided agreement will be the main barriers in the way of low cost carriers. The landing charges will also be another big factor which influence on costing of low fare airlines.

Besides, the low cost airline industry which situated in South East Asia has been underdeveloped just because the aviation market is tightly adjusted by bilateral air rights contract.

While in the economic part, AirAsia airline offers the low-cost carriers by providing inexpensive ticket and few in flight services. These may help in obtaining the attraction in the district despite having the strong competition from MAS Malaysia Airline. For the current depression will hit on the aviation business.

Action plan of airasia

With the slow down economy, more people will want to buy the cheap tickets and enjoy the flight. Besides, the prices of the oil may be another factor for the airlines.

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For the social part, passengers are not willing to take the expensive airline for a long- haul flight. SARS had scare people to fly over. AirAsia had pushed the internet booking services in order to keep costs in check.

Besides, AirAsia also introducing the GO holiday, the online programmed where consumers can book the holiday package online in real time.

Customer Service Plan | AirAsia

With the airbus A, there will be better performance and reliability as help in proving the fuel efficiency and extra capacity. UK Essay, 2. This 5 forces include supplier strength, competition, customer power, the potential for new companies join the industry and threat of substitute products BusinessDictionary, Figure 1: This system had made the airline understands, anticipates, and react to the behavior of customer to maximize income from organization.

This takes account into the operating costs and AirAsia has to optimize prices and distribute amount to maximize the expected income. Seat and route will be the 2 levels which optimize to be done in AirAsia. Seats are available at various prices in different points of time. Reservation will be charged once consumer changed the previous booking time to the earlier or late after the days.

While for the route, it can be done by adjusting the prices for destinations that have higher demand when compare with others. Combination of these 2 levels for all flight will be the best effective method.

Supplier can be a source of power over the firm. Wikipedia, To overcome the problems of bargaining power of suppliers, AirAsia has opted for the full fledged ERP system in year By implementing the package, AirAsia is looking into well retain process incorruptness, reduce financial month-end closing processing times, and speed up reporting and data restoration processes.

Thai AirAsia X Clarifies Flight Service to Sapporo, Japan

For the aircraft supplier, the power of supplier will be strong. Other supplier like food supplier and fuel supplier, the supply will base on the market condition. Prices could not be increasing too much as this may become the risk for the long term business. The second problem will be the high switching costs.

Besides, the technology which used by the Airbus is the most progressive if compared with the previous Boeing model. This is why bargaining power of suppliers is strong. Wikipedia, There is a high barrier entering the airline industry since they postulate high resource to set up everything such as purchase or rent the aircraft, set up office, hire the new employees and etc.

Brand awareness will be important for industry. To enter the industry is not only ask for the high capital and at the same times create the brand awareness.Thai AirAsia X passengers who have booked flights to travel between Bangkok-Sapporo during 1 May June will be able to travel as scheduled.

Any developments on the situation will . In line with U.S. Department of Transportation “Customer Services Plan” regulations (14 C.F.R. Part ) the below Customer Services Plan applies to all scheduled flights that depart from or arrive at HNL.

Skift recently spoke to AirAsia X Group CEO Datuk Kamarudin Meranun to learn more about Air Asia X’s plans. In addition to being in charge of Air Asia X’s long-haul affiliate in Malaysia. Business Plan for AirAsia X Group Member: Allen Wu Yanran Wang Zhaoxing Yu Li About AirAsia X Current Issue Revolution Conclusion Revolution New Extras Fater Service Lower Inventory Cost Faster Baggage Loading Lower Transportation Cost About AirAsia X .

AirAsia, the Malaysian low-cost carrier, is planning to enter China, one of the last untapped markets for budget airlines, in a joint venture with the government of Henan province and Everbright. Customer Service Plan. In line with U.S. Department of Transportation “Customer Services Plan” regulations (14 C.F.R.

Part ) the below Customer Services Plan applies to all scheduled flights that depart from or arrive at HNL AirAsia X does not oversell seats on our flights to guests traveling to and from U.S. However, should we.

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