Exodus julie bertagna essay writer

Not surprising since it was five years later between the publication of Exodus and Zenith. I should have realised earlier. However, in the first book, all that connects Mara to T The sequel to Exodus. He hopes he can find a way to let the people there know the truth about their society:

Exodus julie bertagna essay writer

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Critical perspective Julie Bertagna has written several Young Adult novels and several books for younger children. Her first publication was the Young Adult novel, The Spark Gapwritten while she was teaching in a Glasgow school. On her official website www.

Her pupils were not keen readers, and could not find any novels about Scottish teenagers with whom they could identify. Bertagna was also aware that some of her pupils came from troubled domestic situations, and she realised how easily a young teenager could end up on the streets through trying to escape an unhappy home life.


The result was The Spark Gap, which features three homeless teenagers, living on the exodus julie bertagna essay writer rooftop of a Glasgow towerblock. Bertagna is thus able to combine a strong narrative, and an engaging personal story of three individuals, with an exploration of some serious social problems.

After The Spark Gap, Bertagna wrote several books for younger children, inspired by the birth of her daughter. The first of these was The Ice Cream Machine which tells the story of a magical ice-cream van.

These stories became The Ice Cream Machine, which has been adapted into a television series. Bertagna has since concentrated mainly on Young Adult novels, continuing to feature Scottish teenagers and Scottish settings, while exploring serious and challenging issues, both domestic and socio-political.

She displays an acute empathy with her teenage characters, offering perceptive depictions of parent-teen conflict, and she tends to feature characters undergoing some form of change or crisis, in which they are tested to the limit.

In SoundtrackFinn feels alienated from his family, and also from the people of Laggandall Bay, the fishing community in which he lives and longs to leave.

exodus julie bertagna essay writer

However, his personal story soon becomes intertwined with wider events. Exodus is an epic and ambitious novel about environmental disaster and a subsequent refugee crisis.

In Exodus, set at the end of the twenty-first century, the polar ice caps have melted and Earth is flooding. In Scotland, the Orkney and Hebrides Islands have been submerged, and hoards of refugees make their way to the hills outside Glasgow.

One of the refugees is a teenage girl, Mara, a strong, resourceful and resilient character who, along with various other young people, must learn to survive, both physically and emotionally, and create a new life and a new society in extremely tough circumstances.

The novel offers a very real warning about global warming, and the scope of the story enables Bertagna to explore a variety of issues and demonstrate the complexity of problems that arise from such a crisis.

Yet the narrative tone avoids a simplistic black-and-white morality: Bertagna examines injustices and the ways in which people respond to fear, without openly judging or condemning.

Zenith (Exodus, #2) by Julie Bertagna

As always, Bertagna is skilful in addressing serious issues without compromising the story — characters are engaging and sympathetic, the setting is evoked vividly and poignantly, and the plot is tense and gripping. In between the publication of Exodus and its sequel Zenith, Bertagna published a very different novel, The Opposite of Chocolate Again, a teenage character is facing a crisis in which life will never be the same again, but in this novel it is a domestic issue — the pregnancy of a year-old girl, Sapphire.

Sapphire feels that her life is no longer in her own hands and she is torn apart by the conflicting views of her family: Bertagna is never afraid to address the dark side of life, and here she offers a brutally honest depiction of family conflict, particularly between parents and teens.Exodus julie bertagna essay writing do you want to be essays pan american unity essays inds ips integration essays ojjdp predictors of youth violence essay essay writer online uk stores an essay about west ghana research papers on symmetric key cryptography pdf converter monika piazzesi dissertation meaning expansionism a push dbq.

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interests in life essay seaman the ideal partner essay gre on travel essay newspaper in hindi. 'Zenith' is the sequel to 'Exodus' and continues the story of Mara as she searches for a home in the North.

Now aboard a ship with refugees from New Mungo, Mara has a terrifying journey ahead of her as she seeks to find Greenland and a safe place where she can begin to build a new home/5.

exodus julie bertagna essay writer

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Exodus is a science fiction novel written for teens to young adults by Julie Bertagna, published in August The story is set on an island faced with the problem of a rising sea level, caused by melting ice caps and other forms of global ph-vs.com: Julie Bertagna.

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