Get paid to do research studies

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Get paid to do research studies

There are three phases to paid medical research studies. Phase One These paid medical trials are drug trials done for the first time on humans. These groups are relatively small, and are usually done as a healthy person study.

Phase Two These clinical trials for pay are larger groups, and are to test drugs or procedures currently on the market, or ones that have been extensively tested in a Phase One trial.

These can also be healthy person studies, or persons currently suffering from the disease being tested. They are the most common form of clinical trials for pay available.

Phase Three These paid medical trials are usually conducted with the patients with the disorder, though not always.

Paid Research Opportunities: Department of Psychology - Northwestern University

They are much larger studies, and are usually performed with a control group. A control group is a group of participants in the study that are given the standard treatment, or placebo, which is compared to the new treatment.

Get paid to do research studies

Risks with Paid Clinical Studies All three phases of paid clinical studies have risks involved. Though there is no real physical "work" involved in order to participate in these studies, the decision to participate in a paid medical research study should not be taken lightly.

I participated in one Phase Two healthy person study a few years ago. The clinical study for pay was about a medication used to treat gout that was currently on the market.

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It consisted of me spending two weekends inpatient in the medical research firm's facility. I was given two pills one per weekend and had my blood drawn three dozen times each weekend. They placed a catheter in my arm to aid in the extraction of the blood, which they capped off in-between withdrawals.

When the catheter stopped working properly, it required the nurses to squeeze and twist my arm to get blood to keep flowing, or else they would have had to prick my arm for each of the 3 dozen draws.

Other than the blood tests, it was actually kinda fun. I got to meet a lot of interesting people at the facility, other participants. Many were college students who were broke. Others were stay at home moms, like myself.

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One woman was there just to add some extra funds to her savings account. I got to have almost a mini vacation away from my then small, in diapers, children.

I had two full nights sleep, got to watch rated R movies with other participants, and was even able to go to the bathroom and take a shower without interlopers. The facility called me back for two other paid clinical studies.

The prerequisite for the paid medical trial was that women had had a hysterectomy.

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Since I had had a tubal legation, they were going to let me do it anyway, but it made me nervous and I backed out. Because these medications are being tested on you, you have to keep in mind that you could suffer ill effects or side effects from the testing.

If you are healthy, and have the ability and desire to participate in these studies, it can be a lucrative way to earn stay at home mom income without investing any money, or doing any real work.

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Call to sign up for paid research studies. Locate a paid clinical trial near you at one of 4 U.S.-based medical research centers. Yes, National Research Group provides an online database and publishes a directory of thousands of "High Paying" cash opportunities that no-one else will tell you about. These opportunities are easy to apply for and even get paid the same day! Participate in Paid Studies; Register to Participate. Participating in research studies is interesting, rewarding and fun! Our studies gather opinions and attitudes from consumers and professionals on a wide range of products, services, and concepts. Studies are typically held at our office in Charlotte, located near Pineville, and we always.

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Get paid to do research studies

The Cognition and Communication Laboratory at Northwestern is currently seeking paid volunteers to participate in several research studies investigating how people use . Surveys. We partner with top research organizations who are looking for feedback on a variety of topics.

Give your opinions and we’ll pay you cash upon completion. Dec 22,  · Yet going back to work in such a short amount of time isn’t just tiring or unpleasant, new research demonstrates that it’s bad for both women and children.

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