Lecture critique article scientifique

The same thrill, the same awe and mystery, comes again and again when we look at any question deeply enough.

Lecture critique article scientifique

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Voici une des figures importantes de cet article: Andresen et al, Nature Geo. Changes on fast-flow marine-terminating glaciers contrast with steady velocities on ice-shelf—terminating glaciers and slow speeds on land-terminating glaciers. Regionally, glaciers in the northwest accelerated steadily, with more variability in the southeast and relatively steady flow elsewhere.

Intraregional variability shows a complex response to regional and local forcing. Observed acceleration indicates that sea level rise from Greenland may fall well below proposed upper bounds. Finally, our observations have implications for recent work on sea level rise.

Earlier research used a kinematic approach to estimate upper bounds of 0. In Greenland, this work assumed ice-sheet—wide doubling of glacier speeds low-end scenario or an order of magnitude increase in speeds high-end scenario from to Our wide sampling of actual to changes shows that glacier acceleration across the ice sheet remains far below these estimates, suggesting that sea level rise associated with Greenland glacier dynamics remains well below the low-end scenario 9.

Lecture critique article scientifique

Our sampling of a large population of glaciers, many of which have sustained considerable thinning and retreat, suggests little potential for the type of widespread extreme i. Our result is consistent with findings from recent numerical flow models In this study we focus on the sea level trend pattern observed by satellite altimetry in the tropical Pacific over the — time span i.

Our objective is to investigate whether this yr-long trend pattern was different before the altimetry era, what was its spatio-temporal variability and what have been its main drivers. We try to discriminate the respective roles of the internal variability of the climate system and of external forcing factors, in particular anthropogenic emissions greenhouse gases and aerosols.

On the basis of a 2-D past sea level reconstruction over — based on a combination of observations and ocean modelling and multi-century control runs i. For that purpose, we have computed sea level trend patterns over successive yr windows i. We find that the 2-D sea level reconstruction shows spatial trend patterns similar to the one observed during the altimetry era.

The pattern appears to have fluctuated with time with a characteristic time scale of the order of 25—30 yr. The same behaviour is found in multicentennial control runs of the coupled climate models.

A similar analysis is performed with 20th century coupled climate model runs with complete external forcing i. Results suggest that in the tropical Pacific, sea level trend fluctuations are dominated by the internal variability of the ocean—atmosphere coupled system.

While our analysis cannot rule out any influence of anthropogenic forcing, it concludes that the latter effect in that particular region is still hardly detectable.This article continues our Corpus Dionysiacum Arabicum: étude, édition critique et traduction des Noms Divins IV, §, Partie I (Le Muséon , pp.

), where one finds an analysis of the language of the translation and of Ibn Saḥqūq translation practice, a Greek-Arabic lexicon and an Arabic-Greek lexicon. Après un passage par les grandes thématiques urbaines (changement climatique, énergie, droit à la ville, foncier, habitat '), nous aborderons les outils actuellement utilisés en planification nous en feront une lecture critique.

Cette note est la version développée d’une fiche synthétique destinée aux étudiant-e-s de licence ou de master ayant à effectuer une lecture critique d’article scientifique – exercice qui me semble au moins aussi formateur que le traditionnel exposé, dans le cadre des TD notamment 1.

Les premières années universitaires sont. Cet article traite de deux sujets distincts mais intimement liés. D’une part, les caractéristiques particulières de la publication scientifique et les conséquences qu’il faut en tirer sur la manière d’apprécier l’activité d’un chercheur. 32 Rolin-Jaequemyns,, “Institution scientifique,” pp.

, When the project was already under way, Moynier had also sent him a reference to a similar proposal for an international academy of scholars made by the German writer Konstantin Frantz in ÉGOTISME.

Retraduction datant des premières années du xix e siècle du mot anglais egotism par lequel Addison a traduit le mot français «égoïsme», mais qui n'a pas forcément le sens péjoratif que lui prête encore le Rivarol de d'«habitude blâmable de parler de [ ]. Lire l'article. image(s) ph-vs.com

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