Project viewer

Less You mean, you don't have one of the greatest project management programs in the world installed on your computer? You have other options to view Microsoft Project information without having Project installed on your computer. Let's look at some of these ways. Keep in mind that Project doesn't have a viewer program that enables you to open a project file on a computer that doesn't have Project installed.

Project viewer

This Microsoft project plan viewer offers a complete set of views and additional features for reviewing and analyzing project information.

Besides this, it has a comprehensive support for printing, along with print preview and page setup options for all views and reports.

As a complete Microsoft project viewer, it opens password-protected files, Master Project plans and. Opens Master Project plans, including large. Opens password protected MS Project plans.

Project viewer

Faster and more reliable than any other tool. Supports user defined views. No learning curve or training costs. Graphical reports and dashboardsLanguages and platforms As a MS project viewer, it comes with visual reports, dashboards and allows team members, team leads and other project participants to have a complete overview of the health of the project plan.

With the visual reports, team members can read their upcoming tasks, tasks that are behind schedule or get information regarding critical tasks in the project plan. On the other hand, other project stakeholders can observe the tasks, resource costs and analyze whether they are aligned with the project budget.

The reports available in this project viewer provide a specially formatted and ready to print descriptive overview of the project, project tasks, resources and assignments. Supports most of the predefined MS Project reports. Provides descriptive reports for all project stakeholders.

Prints all views and reports available. Collaboration options Project team members can seamlessly collaborate through the Task Update option, where project team members can provide project managers with up-to-date information about the current status of the project tasks and the project managers can track if all assignments in the project plan are finished on time.

Offers collaborative environment with Task Update. Speeds up the communication and feedback process. Supports mpp file through network shared location. Options to share mpp plans via One Drive. Languages and platforms The software is available on the most used platforms, including: This project mpp file viewer is available in eleven languages: Moreover, the solution offers full customer support to customers for all questions regarding installation, company deployment and usage of the program.

Available in multiple languages for international teams. Multi-platform availability and coverage for the most used OSs. Multiple licensing options for companies of all sizes. Dedicated customer support team.

Project Viewer Key Facts These numbers show why our project viewer has been the solution of choice, for the last 15 years.The Planning Projects Viewer has been established to provide land use information and access to view project documentation regarding development projects .

Steelray invented the viewer for Microsoft Project in and has continuously added innovations and improvements since then. A MS Project viewer is a life-saver for anyone using or receiving Microsoft Project files, because if you are an MS Project user, you know its many pain points when it comes to sharing MPP files.

What is Seavus Project Viewer? It is the leading and most complete viewer for Microsoft Project mpp files. As a project management software solution, it is intended for all project team members and employees that need to open and view the project plans file format.

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Project Viewer allows project team members to open MS Project MPP Plans from cloud locations like Google Drive. Dropbox, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Box, .

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