Scientific analysis of handwriting and signatures

Contact Forensic Examination of Handwriting, Signatures, and Documents Examining and analyzing writing on art and documents related to a work of art offers the possibility of adding strong evidence to the investigation of a work's authenticity. It is possible to discover the following: Comparisons of signatures, handwriting, and hand printing. Alterations or damage to documents.

Scientific analysis of handwriting and signatures

Forensic document examination has been instrumental in resolving disputes in both civil and criminal litigation, and other investigations. Analysis are conducted to determine the manner in which a document was prepared, by whom it was or was not executed, and if changes have occurred since its production.

Steve Dubedat has been a forensic document examiner and handwriting expert who has been conducting signature and handwriting examinations and other analysis since using scientific methodology and principles recognized within the field of forensic document examination.

Training was provided over a four year period within the NSW Police Forensic Services Group under the guidance and supervision of several other document examiners and handwriting experts.


SinceSteve has given evidence and been accepted as an expert witness in document examination on hundreds of occasions in various jurisdictions. A wide variety of documents is routinely submitted for analysis, including last will and testaments, business contracts, cheques, invoices, credit card receipts, anonymous letters, lease agreements, insurance forms, legal files and medical records.

Detailed reports are supported by expert witness testimony. Pre trial critiques of forensic reports are also offered in preparation for cross-examination of other document examiners and handwriting experts.Handwriting Expert UK Margaret Webb is a certified Document Examiner who specialises in questioned documents and handwriting analysis.

Although the HSCA had prepared a draft report confirming the Warren Commission's single shooter theory and finding no evidence of conspiracy, at the eleventh hour, the committee was swayed by a since-disputed acoustic analysis of a dictabelt police channel recording.: This acoustic analysis of the dictabelt recording by the firm Bolt, Beranek and Newman Inc.

concluded that four shots were. Do you have a handwriting analysis problem that you suspect has been forged? I can help you find the answer to your handwriting or signature problem.

Some of the situations I deal with regularly include forged checks, forged or altered wills, handwriting analysis, signatures, deeds, anonymous writing, legal contracts, medical records and other.

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Why choose this course? If you are interested in the application of science to criminal investigations, a degree in forensic science is ideal.

scientific analysis of handwriting and signatures

The interdisciplinary degree explores the collection, analysis and interpretation of scientific evidence, in an integrated approach, with plenty of case studies. Roy Fenoff, PhD, is a Forensic Document Examiner and Handwriting Expert who provides expert scientific advice and forensic examinations to individuals, businesses, educational institutions, law enforcement agencies, and law firms throughout the United States and overseas.

IFS EDUCATION DEPARTMENTS ONLINE COURSES: (Revised on: 30 June / ) QUESTIONED DOCUMENTS AND HANDWRITING - SYLLABUS - Course Code: FDH INTRODUCTION: Forensic science is a vital instrument for the detection or investigation of crime and the administration of justice, providing crucial.

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