Xpress tag custom paper tags

This multi-practical gadget has worked in remote

Xpress tag custom paper tags

Children use it to draw their favorite animals and practice writing the A-B-Cs, and adults print reports or scribble a hasty grocery list.

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Now, connecting real-world items such as a paper airplane or a classroom survey form to the larger Internet of Things environment is possible using off-the-shelf technology and a pen, sticker or stencil pattern. Researchers from the University of Washington, Disney Research and Carnegie Mellon University have created ways to give a piece of paper sensing capabilities that allows it to respond to gesture commands and connect to the digital world.

The method relies on small radio frequency RFID tags that are stuck on, printed or drawn onto the paper to create interactive, lightweight interfaces that can do anything from controlling music using a paper baton, to live polling in a classroom.

If RFID tags can make interfaces as simple, flexible and cheap as paper, it makes good sense to deploy those tags anywhere. The technology—PaperID—leverages inexpensive, off-the-shelf RFID tags, which function without batteries but can be detected through a reader device placed in the same room as the tags.

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Each tag has a unique identification, so a reader's antenna can pick out an individual among many. These tags only cost about 10 cents each and can be stuck onto paper. Alternatively, the simple pattern of a tag's antenna can also be drawn on paper with conductive ink.

When a person's hand waves, touches, swipes or covers a tag, the hand disturbs the signal path between an individual tag and its reader.

Algorithms can recognize the specific movements, then classify a signal interruption as a specific command. For example, swiping a hand over a tag placed on a pop-up book might cause the book to play a specific, programmed sound.

Types of interaction with RFID tags include: They also can track the velocity of objects in movement, such as following the motion of a tagged paper conductor's wand and adjusting the pace of the music based on the tempo of the wand in mid-air. In this example, the speed of the spinning tag on the pinwheel is mapped to onscreen graphics.

The researchers chose to demonstrate on paper in part because it's ubiquitous, flexible and recyclable, fitting the intended goal of creating simple, cost-effective interfaces that can be made quickly on demand for small tasks.LABELWRITER® CUSTOM LABELS 3 Glenlake Parkway | Atlanta, GA | email: [email protected] | website: http:\\ph-vs.com Page 1 of 3.

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Paper gets 'smart' with drawn-on, stenciled sensor tags

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xpress tag custom paper tags

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